MWE Intelligent Touch or Advertising Screen Outdoor EV charging station


Selling Points:

Innovative Integration by John Doe, Automotive Industry Expert

“I’m really impressed with the innovative combination of outdoor advertising machines and charging stations. Not only is it practical, but it also utilizes the waiting time of vehicle charging to deliver valuable advertising content. I would definitely recommend businesses in the automotive and advertising industries to consider this smart solution.”

Efficient Use of Space

User-Friendly Experience 

Environmentally Conscious

High-Quality Design

With Marvel Outdoor Content Management System, lifetime free software for controlling content.


Essential details
Place of Origin:  Guangdong, China
Model Number: MWE Outdoor EV charging station with Intelligent advertising screen
Brand Name:  Marvel
Interface Standard: CHAdeMO 2.0/ DIN 70121,OCPP 1.6,ISO 15118
Output Current: 100A-200A
Output Power:7KW-220KW
Input Voltage:AC 300-480V
Product name:Digital Signage DC Charger 22kw
Usage:DC Charger With screen Digital Signage
Keyword:Digital signage Lcd Display Screens
Type:Outdoor IP65
Certificate:CE ROHS FCC CCC ISO9001
Material:Aluminum Case+Tempered Glass Panel
Display Function:Video/Text/Picture/Time/3D Text/Office/SWF

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    This outdoor advertising machine and charging station combo is a game-changer! Now you can power up your devices while catching up on the latest news and promotions. Brilliant idea!

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