Outdoor Digital Signage Displays

55"-86" Sunlight-readable outdoor digital kiosks designed to withstand harsh weather conditions ! Get a free quote now!

Sunlight readable Outdoor Digital Kiosks advertising is a great way to get your brand in front of customers. Thank you for your interest in our outdoor digital kiosks. We would like to emphasize some unique features of our product, which make our product stand out in the market:

Unparalleled Clarity

Experience ultra-high resolution that brings your advertisements to life with stunning clarity and vibrant colors.

Weatherproof Design
Built to withstand diverse weather conditions, our machine is waterproof, reducing maintenance efforts and costs.

Customized For You
We offer personalized services, tailoring design and installation solutions to fit your distinct needs and budget.

Certification:   CE FCC ROHS ISO IP65/IP66 IK10(option)

Guaranteed 99.99% uptime, superior savings, and exceptional after-sales service – Your ultimate advertising solution with OMC system.

The OMC system is a system that can accurately and easily identify abnormal outdoor digital kiosks for management when the outdoor advertising network fails.When you have an outdoor digital kiosks network, it saves you time and costs.

You can also change your ad content for free through our outdoor content management system from anywhere with Internet.No additional cost is required.#Outdoor Digital Signage #Outdoor Digital Kiosks # Outdoor Touch Screen Kiosks.

Outdoor Digital Kiosks Displays (Touch Screen available)

All Outdoor Digital Signage is equipped with an OMC system: when the outdoor advertising network fails, the OMC system can accurately and easily identify abnormal Outdoor Digital kiosks for management.When you have an ad network, it saves you time and costs.