MWE986 Outdoor Business DC EV Fast 60/90/120kw Charging Station with Single or Dual Side 55″ advertising screen


All outdoor electric vehicle charging stations are equipped with an OMC system: when the outdoor

charging network fails, the OMC system can accurately and easily identify abnormal machines

for management.When you have an EV charging network, it saves you time and costs.


Charging Function:AC/DC  120kw station

EV Charging Station with Ad Screen Solution

This solution adds ad screens to outdoor EV charging stations.

EV Charging Station: Device that charges EVs.
Ad Screen: Screen displaying ads during charging.
Research: Study EV usage and ad preferences.
Location: Choose high-traffic areas.
Setup: Install charging stations and ad screens.
Ad Design: Create and regularly update ads.
Maintenance: Regularly check equipment and manage ads.
This solution gives advertisers a new platform and creates extra revenue for operators.

As EV market grows, new tech and targeted ads can enhance user experience and ad effectiveness.

Selling Points:

Innovative Integration by John Doe, Automotive Industry Expert

“I’m really impressed with the innovative combination of outdoor advertising machines and charging stations. Not only is it practical, but it also utilizes the waiting time of vehicle charging to deliver valuable advertising content. I would definitely recommend businesses in the automotive and advertising industries to consider this smart solution.”

Business EV Charging Station With Outdoor Content Management System, lifetime free software for controlling content.

2 Ways to get revenue.  EV Charging with Dual or Single Side Large Screens For advertising, Good for building charging network and advertising network in One!


Outdoor LCD Digital Signage + EV Charging

Single Side / Dual Side

China Factory Direct Suppy -3 Years Warranty

With 10 Senors to keep the machine safe

Light sensor / Screen sensor  /  Humidity Sensor /Temperature Sensor /  Water sensor / Smoke sensor / Impact sensor / Tilt sensor / Backlight sensor /Filter sensor

1 review for MWE986 Outdoor Business DC EV Fast 60/90/120kw Charging Station with Single or Dual Side 55″ advertising screen

  1. Rodamos

    This outdoor advertising machine with an EV charging station is nothing short of revolutionary. Not only does it serve as a convenient charging point for electric vehicles, it also doubles up as an advertising platform. Truly innovative!

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