Model Number:MWE659 High Brightness LCD Outdoor Digital Display Panel


This is just an outdoor LCD panel without the case. For repairing damaged panels on outdoor wall-mounted models: MWE 763 If you need to buy an outdoor wall mounted LCD display for your shop, choose the MWE 763  as it is with the protective case for outdoor using.

Experience Clarity Like Never Before with the LG 32” Display Panel
Elevate your viewing experience with the stunning precision of LG’s 32-inch display panel. Designed for those who appreciate crystal-clear images and vibrant colors, this panel boasts a full HD resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, ensuring that every detail is sharp and defined.

Key Features:

Vivid Display: With 16.7 million display colors and a color gamut of 72%, the visuals come alive on your screen, providing a truly immersive viewing experience.

Advanced Technology: The a-Si TFT active matrix driver element ensures reliable performance and consistent image quality.

Optimized Brightness: A dazzling brightness level of 2500 nits means that even in brightly lit environments, your content remains visible and striking.

Sleek Design: The panel’s sleek outline dimensions of 732.4mm by 427mm, with a slim depth of just 18.5mm, make it an elegant addition to any space.

Ergonomic Viewing: The 16:9 zoom ratio is perfect for movies, gaming, and productivity, matching the widescreen standard most content is produced in today.

Pixel Precision: A pixel pitch of 0.12125mm by 0.36375mm arranges pixels in a RGB configuration, ensuring uniformity and a seamless color blend.

Durability: The surface treatment of Haze 2%, 3H indicates a screen that’s resistant to glare and scratching, ready for everyday use.

Energy Efficient: With a power consumption of just 23M, this display panel is both eco-friendly and cost-effective.

Wide Operating Range: Designed to perform in temperatures ranging from 0 to 60 degrees Celsius, ensuring reliability in various environments.
Whether you’re a professional requiring color accuracy, a gamer craving for rich graphics, or a movie enthusiast looking for a cinema-like experience at home, the LG 32” display panel is your window to a world of breathtaking visuals.

Upgrade your display today and immerse yourself in the brilliance of LG technology.


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